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Purchasing a bike, new or used, in most cases is not set-up with consideration to your weight, height gender or ability level. Having the bike properly set-up in relation to the controls, ergonomics and suspension is the most important component to your riding. A bike not set-up correctly can actually hinder you–or even hurt you–and keep you from progressing to the next level. 

Motovate Racing will work with you! We do on-site fitting and adjustments and will personally test each bike to make sure it is right for you.

Proper controls setup is the backbone  of good riding position. We will:

  • Set-up the handlebars with respect to height, width and bend
  • Adjust the brakes, clutch levers and shifters according to size and stature
  • Seat height and footpeg a
  • djustment

Suspension is Key:

  • Spring rate suited for rider weight
  • Custom valving for the type of riding, ability level and terrain
  • Adjustments of ride height (free sag) according to weight of rider
  • Internally adjustments of suspension to lower a bike for the smaller rider

We have several set-up and suspension packages available. Email or call us at 970.456.2678 for a quote.